What is the difference between line and mic levels?

What is the difference between line and mic levels?

When you take both the wired and wireless microphones they will be greatly connected to the mic level inputs whereas the other audio devices will make use of the line level. You can find the signs are getting varied in the voltage of every signal, at this point it is very important to know the difference between line and mic levels.

What is a mic level?

  • amplifierThe mic level in other terms said to be as microphone level signal this is mainly described by the voltage that is getting generated by the microphone when the sound is getting raised.
  • As per the sound level and the distance gets changed the voltage will also get varied.
  • The level of microphone yes specified between -60 and -40 dBu.
  • In the mic levels, there are different and many types of devices that will help in boosting the microphone level.
  • Here you can even find the mixers which can connect with multiple signals together at the same time.

What is the line level?

  • When you take the line vs mic levels this line level is nearly one word or it may reach up to 1000 times strong as the mic level signal.
  • Both the line level and the mic level do not make use of the same input.
  • The signal will first reach the preamplifier and then slowly it travels to the amplifier which gives you a good effect of power in the speaker.
  • In the lion level you can find boot standard line levels one is for the consumer equipment and another is further professional equipment.

  • To bring anything in alignment level you will need the help of a preamplification that collects the signal as like how the mic level does.
  • When you take the post-amplification you can find the signal in a higher way when being compared to the preamplification that is because of the voltage. As the power is too high you will need the help of cable which will give you a safe transfer.

Final thoughts

While you are having line versus mic levels you need to get to know about the helpful hints before you make use of them. The connection between both has to be done in a proper way to get a good sound effect. The line level and Mic level plays an important role in their field and you can find a lot of benefits also.