Will it be possible for you to DJ with a belt drive turntable?

Will it be possible for you to DJ with a belt drive turntable?

The turntable will always make you remember about the DJ. The DJ is the one who will operate the turntable to different music and this is a kind of electronic device. There are some of the tips to djing with a belt drive turntable to get an idea about it you can continue reading. You can find some difference between the belt drive turntable and your direct-drive turntable before you make use of them you need to get some idea about it so that you will get to know about how to make use of them.

What is a belt drive

  • The belt drive turntable has some more power that will be present off to the side of the platter.
  • The platter and also the motor will be connected with the help of the belt which is exactly made up of rubber.
  • This rubber belt helps the motor and the platter to get isolated without dashing each other.
  • When these both are kept apart the noise of the motor will also be reduced and only the vibrations will come out.
  • It is highly possible to DJ built drive turntable but you will have some efforts to be added because this may give you hard times even to get the right timing.
  • You need to concentrate on them more because when you take your hands off from the device it will spin at a full-speed where you will not be able to control them.


Broadcasting with a belt turntable

  • when you are planning to broadcasting with a belt drive turntable this will not make you spend when being compared to the direct-drive turntable.
  • You can even have different types in the built drive turntables starting from the world version till the new version the vibrations mainly get varied in all these generations.


  • This belt-drive turntable will control the effect of shock and do not cause you any harm.
  • This built turntable will enable the user to move the platter in both the linear and also in a rotational moment.
  • This will work hard for you for a long. And this will produce you a good sound quality.

Bottom line

Many people are getting focused on this belt drive turntable which will also help you along with the DJ. You will be able to get to know about the benefits when you start to experience the comfort they provide you.